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We invite you to familiarize yourself with our productions.

Each of the following is also a an offer that could mark the event as the most sophisticated corporate event,

or also as a ticketed show.

You also can order parts of the show in the scheme of 20, 30, 40, 60 or 80 minutes long.



This is a modernist version of a dance and acrobatic performance, which takes place in a typical neighborhood where young people face everyday problems such as love, fight for influence among their peers and hide their weaknesses ...

However, this is not a sad retrospective and an attempt to return to the youth, for which many of us miss or try to get out of our head.

As we prove during this performance, the time of our negligence is a beautiful and colorful time. Shaping our being and what we are now ....

Great acrobatic performances decorated with dance shows in an unusual anturage.

CITY STREAM is the perfect complement to events, whether it is a business meeting or a full-length spectacle.

Welcome to CITY STREAM


...... is a story about four elements and emotions that accompany us, told through dance and acrobatic movement. Sophisticated acrobatic shows give this presentation spectacular pageantry and character. Apeiron is a spectacle for anyone who wants to spend time admiring artists who for once are hanging from the ceiling and perform a breathtaking stunts to the next time at the stage in the beautiful acrobatic-dance scenes. Apeiron is a tribute to the elements that surround us, giving life once to pick it up again and give anew ... 80 minutes well spent time ..



the most colorful spectacle in our group's offer.

Power of colors is a tribute to the colors present in the environment but also to the colors of our lives. All the emotions that accompany us can be determined with colors and so love is of course red but evil is black etc ...

The shows that you will see in this spectacle are painted with beautiful colors that live their lives, but they are colorful and cheerful in themselves.

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